• New to Essential Oils? Here are some of my favs!

    It is said that there are over 90 essential oils that have thus far been discovered. Here are my personal favorites that I’d recommend to anyone who is just “getting their feet wet”:
  • Give Yourself Presence

    About half-way through my walk today, I decided that instead of taking the usual path laid before me, that I'd go the opposite direction and walk through the adjacent historic neighborhood. I drive through there often but rarely do I take the time to stop, get out and walk around the neighborhood. I was up for doing something different!
  • Skincare Ingredients - What's in it for you?

    We must not only pay attention to how a skincare product makes our skin look on the outside but how its ingredients impact our bodies on the inside.

    You may be surprised to learn that there are chemicals popular in many skincare products that may be doing you more harm than good.