Who doesn't love a basket full of geraniums and roses? (Geranium Rose Refresh Spritz)

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Geranium - Native to South Africa and used by the Egyptians to promote beautiful and radiant-looking skin.


Someone feel asleep while I was making an order of ML Luxe Butter in Lavender. Coincidence? I think not!

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Rose - One of the most expensive, it takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make a 5 ml bottle of essential oils.

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Moore Life Luxe Butters - Soothe your mind, body and soul

Moore Life Luxe Lips

Cedarwood - This essential oil is actually extracted from the wood pieces of a cedar tree.

These are a few of my favorite things

Lemongrass - Native to India, Southeast Asia and Oceania and delivers a citrusy lemon aroma.

ROOM, LINENS and BODY spritz (Moore Life Refresh)

This batter of Moore Life Luxe Butters is ready to be served.

Moore Life Luxe 3-in-1 Refresh spritz

Orange - This essential oil is derived from its peel through a cold press process.

Olaf, I thought you were going to help me with these Moore Life orders...

Rosemary - A favorite essential oil of Paracelsus, a renowned German-Swiss physician, and botanist, who made significant contributions to the understanding of herbal medicine during the 16th century.


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Peppermint - One of the oldest medicinal herbs dating back to ancient Japanese and Chinese healing practices.

USDA grade organic refined Shea butter - Because its all about that base!

Lavender - Latin name is Lavare meaning “to wash” and have been used since ancient times as a bath additive and perfume.

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