Give Yourself Presence

  About 2 to 3 times a week, I get up around 6:30 a.m., take a short drive to a beautiful park and do a 3 to 4 miles power walk. About half-way through my walk today, I decided that instead of taking the usual path laid before me, that I'd go the opposite direction and walk through the adjacent historic neighborhood. I drive through there often but rarely do I take the time to stop, get out and walk around the neighborhood. I was up for doing something different!

 As I walked down uneven cobblestone pavements and admired the architecture of the historic homes, one of the buildings caught my eyes. Unlike the surrounding buildings, this one was not adjacent to any other, had a unique shape and an inviting yellow door. Its yellow door outlined with green frames stood below a beautiful glass patterned arch. And right above the arch was etched "New Castle Library 1812-1861".

 As I admired this piece of "new to me" history, I thought about how many times this building must have been a blur in my peripheral vision as I drove past headed to my usual parking lot for my usual walk on my usual path. By taking a different path, I not only discovered something new but gained a new appreciation for the act of slowing down. After stopping in front of this building in awe, I began my walk again and found myself paying closer attention to other buildings, to flowers hanging in planters and the layout of gardens and even the way the cobblestone was laid under my feet, sometimes straight sometimes crooked. In other words, I was no longer walking to get my exercise in for the day but I was walking being fully present in the moment.

 And that is the experience that I strive for you to have when using Moore Life products. That you know that great care is put into selecting each natural ingredient, filling each container and labeling each finished product. All so you experience that fully present moment as you spray our Luxe Refresh 3-in-1 spritz after a relaxing shower, massage our deep moisturizing Luxe Butter on your body and end with gently stroking our soothing Luxe Lips across yours. Say it with me…. Ahhhhhhh.  

I know from this experience and many others like it that being fully present allows you to not only better appreciate the beauty and uniqueness about the things and people around you but, it encourages you to better appreciate your own beauty and uniqueness. So take the time this week to take a different path, slow down and discover something new. Why?  Because you deserve Moore Life!   


Kendra Moore


Moore Life, LLC 

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