DIY All Natural and Effective Face Skincare Treatment

It seems that I have had skin challenges since I was in my teens. At times it was obvious like acne but more so than not and especially as I’ve gotten older, I noticed that my skin was challenged with being dull, uneven, sometimes too dry (winter blues), sometimes too oily (summer sweat) and overall just plain unpredictable!

I've tried all kinds of commercial skin care products like products for dry skin in the winter and other products for oily skin in the summer. Not to mention day serums, night serums, toning serums and brightening serums. Sounds familiar? One can easily have 5 different products just for our face! That can be expensive and let’s not forget the potential dangerous of all of those synthetic chemicals seeping into our pores. YUCK! 

Thankfully, God’s garden supplies plant-based compounds that don’t just give the appearance of healthy skin but supports actually having healthy skin by naturally tackling common issues like inflammation, bacteria build up, under or over production of our natural oils, etc.  As I am incorporating essential and carrier oils into my facial skincare routine, my skin is becoming noticeably more toned, even (acne and ingrown hair scars faded), brighter and I am not struggling with the too oily too dry tug of war.

Being single mom working full-time, I have very limited time for quality self-care. Now, I have one simple yet effective face skincare routine that I use both in the morning and at night! Now, you may be wondering how essential and carrier oils can do all of this when the word “oil” is literally in the name?!

Essential oils, despite their name, are not oils at all. They are compounds extracted from the root, bark, leaf or flower of plants. In other words, essential oils are the essence of the plant hence the use of the term “essential”. These compounds are what gives plants their unique properties and have been used since B.C. to support and benefit our bodies in a variety of ways. In fact, essential oil molecules are so small that they penetrate our skin, are carried to our cells by our bloodstream and interact with our cells on a molecular level. 

As for carrier oils, these too are derived from plants and many of the carrier oils come with their own package of powerhouse benefits to include deep moisturizing (i.e. fatty acids), antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. And some carrier oils work to balance the sebum that our skin produces supporting an even production of our skins natural oils. For more information on the benefits of carrier oils, check out my blog post: Carrier oils – Essential oils powerful sidekick! 

NOW, let’s get to the FUN part - YOU can make your own all natural AND effective face skincare treatment. Here is a quick DIY recipe:

Combine 3 to 4 drops of Lavender essential oil with ¼ tbs of avocado, ¼ tbs of fractionated coconut oil and 1 tbs of Shea butter. Mix together till creamy. Viola! You now have an all natural essential oils based moisturizer for both your daytime and nighttime face skincare routine. A little goes a long way so start out using a pea size amount and add more, if needed. I use these particular three carrier oils (avocado, fractionated coconut oil and Shea butter) because of the  additional benefits for my skin but feel free to use what you prefer. For example, for a super quick moisturizer, you can simply put a couple of drops with just the coconut oil and use that. Again, choose a carrier oil that fits your skin's needs. 

Below are popular skincare uses for commonly found essential oils. I recommend you research online for a full list of common uses. Feel free to substitute the lavender essential oil in your mixture with one of these or combine 2-3 together. 

 · Lavender – skin rashes

 · Tea tree – anti bacterial

 · Frankincense – balance pigmentation

 · Rose – anti-aging benefits

 · Geranium – balance skin oils

 · Rosemary – anti-inflammatory

 · Clary Sage – balance skin oils

 · Myrrh – anti-aging benefits

 · Tangerine – balance pigmentation   

If you are nervous about putting your new self-made moisturizing treatment on your face, perform a skin patch test on an  inconspicuous area first. 

Finally, keep in mind that essential oils are not a magic bullet. What you put on the inside will show on the outside. In other words, coupled with your new essential oils skincare regime remember to eat healthy, drink lots of water and incorporate strategies to help you stress less. Why?

Because YOU deserve Moore Life 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This article is based solely on my personal experience and personal research. 

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