What You Have to Offer The World Matters!

As I write this, I have my Thanksgiving vegetarian roast in the oven, all the sides are complete and David and I are relaxing comfortably in our pajamas. In a couple of hours, we will chow down on our main course along with roasted potatoes and carrots, cabbage, macaroni and cheese and decadent fudge brownies. Once the sun sets and our stomachs settle, we’ll top it off with roasting marshmallow in the fireplace. YUM! And I’ll end my relaxing evening with a nice glass of red wine. AHHHH. 

Last year (and previous years before that), I enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. However, this year is different. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would not have imagined that my love for essential oils would lead to me having my own company dedicated to helping people discover the amazing benefits of plant-based skincare!  Vending at different events, I have met so many wonderful people and have had so many conversations with women about their skin and health, including delicate and sensitive conversations.  Our skin can be something that we are proud of but equally, something that brings a sense of shyness and shame, when we feel like we are not putting our best face forward.   

I was vending at an event a few months back when a lady approached me concerning an experience she was having with her teenage daughter. Her daughter all of a sudden had a dry patch of skin pop up right in the middle of her forehead. Her once-confident daughter had become very self-conscious and it started impacting her daughter’s self esteem. They tried many commercial remedies and nothing worked. In fact, the lady speaking to me was a salesperson for a huge beauty brand. She said to me, “We’ve tried our products but they do not work. I know our products have chemicals in them. I saw you were going to be here and told my daughter that I would speak to you about a natural solution.” I felt for this mother because as a parent, when your child is going through a difficult situation, you feel it in your heart. We hate it when they experience that self-doubt, because we all have been there…. as kids, as teens and even as adults.

I recommended the Moore Life Lip balm. I know what you are saying… lip balm? Considering it was a localized dry patch and the lip balm is a thick formulation containing Shea, Kokum butter and carrier oils with healing properties, I had high hopes that it would support her daughter’s skin in healing itself.  Sure, I could have recommended another more expensive Moore Life product and I believe that would have worked as well. But for me, it is not about selling products for selling products sake. Moore Life has evolved to a company that helps people realize their best skin through life-promoting plant-based ingredients. And by doing so, help people be confident to go out into the world… face forward… head held high! 

This past Saturday, I got the opportunity to see this mother at a different vending event. She came right up to me, gave me a big hug and said thank you! She said her daughter told her “Mom, this works!” That dry patch was finally starting to go away… her daughters skin was healing. Imagine how that must change her daughter’s attitude about herself. Imagine the relief for her mom! Hearing that from a fellow mom made my heart swell. Moments like this underscore how thankful I am to have this opportunity to serve others in a way that is so personal and meaningful to them.  

So, I ask you… in this season of Give Thanks… what talents do you have that you can use to serve others? Where is your opportunity to go out into the world, face forward and head held high knowing that what you have to offer matters? That opportunity could be as close as your own household or as far away as a different country! Maybe it is using your passion to create a product or service that will fill a need or maybe it is using your voice to impart love, knowledge or confidence into someone else.  

Whatever it looks like for you, I encourage you to try it. I know firsthand that stepping out into a new venture is scary, not easy and requires a lot of sacrifice but, when you do and you have a moment like I had with that mom… you realize that it isn’t about you. It’s about using our talents and passion to help each other survive and thrive!  

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”  

Cheers to that!

Kendra Moore


Moore Life, LLC  

Because you deserve Moore Life!  

Photo by ComFreak by Pixabay


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