Why You Should Be Washing Your Face With Oil

Do you have Oily skin? Acne? Dry skin? Uneven skin? Inflamed skin? Then washing your face with oil maybe just what you need! If you are surprised, you are not alone. At first, I too thought that was a crazy concept. Wash my face with oil?! After all, from the time we become “self-aware” of our looks and how we measure up (or don’t) to the images of “beauty”, we are told that oil is bad for our skin. For example, if we have oily skin or combination skin, we look for products that contain no oil. If we have acne, we are told it’s because our skin produces too much oil. Well friends, I am here to say that washing your face with the right oils may just be what your skin is craving.

Oil washing is good for your skin because natural oils help to regulate bacteria on the skin (feeds the good and kills the bad) and it penetrates the skin helping to balance its natural oil production. For dry skin, the benefits are obvious. The reason oil washing is magical for acne, oily and combination skin is because many of the commercial products actually strip your skin of its natural oils. This is not good because our natural oils are what keep our skin healthy and protected. So removing our natural oils is not the answer. Balancing your natural oil production is! And for inflamed skin, oil washing provides soothing relief and helps to ease scaly build up. I have combination skin with particular troublesome areas due to ingrown hairs. And my skin was very uneven due to acne scars that just sat there long after the acne was gone. I incorporated oil washing into my routine and within a week, my skin was like THANK YOU! Not only was my skin softer but my trouble areas and acne scars started to fade. 

What is oil washing? It is as simple as it sounds. This literally means pouring a little bit of good quality carrier oil (e.g. fractionated coconut oil, avocado, jojoba, sweet almond oil, etc.) onto your fingertips and rubbing it all over your face (see my blog post on carrier oils). And get this; you don’t need to take off your makeup first because the oil breaks down the makeup, dirt and grime. After rubbing the oil on your face, use a warm wet washcloth to wipe it off. And that’s it! You will instantly feel that your skin is super soft! You may have to sample different carrier oils to see which one you prefer but once you find your fit and use it constantly, you are going to be surprised at the difference. So, give oil washing a try. I think you’ll be happily surprised!

Stay Oily!

Kendra Moore


Moore, Life LLC

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