In the last 4 months, Johnson and Johnson, Beauty Plus Global and Claire’s Stores, Inc. have all pulled certain makeup products off their shelves due to some of their cosmetics testing positive for asbestos. Asbestos is a known cause of lung cancer and mesothelioma. So, how does Asbestos end up in some of our cosmetic and personal care products?  How can we avoid purchasing products with this dangerous substance?

Asbestos is associated with Talc. Talc and asbestos are natural occurring minerals that form together. Talc is popular in cosmetics because of its ability to absorb moisture reducing the appearance of oily skin. In addition, Talc is used as a filler and helps products have that smooth and silky feel. So where you find talc, you'll likey find asbestos unless the company mining Talc mineral takes the time (and cost) to purify its Talc mineral. 

Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate the testing of cosmetic ingredients outside of the additives that are used to give cosmetics color. This means that although the FDA does advise talc mining sites to purify it so that it does not contain asbestos, there are no regular checks to make sure that this is the case. This means it is purely up to cosmetic manufactures to do their due diligence to make sure the talc used in their products do not contain asbestos. So how can you protect yourself? 

The best way to protect youself from talic is to avoid products that contain Talc powder.  

  • Asbestos free cosmetic product lines include : Pacifica • Shea Moisture • bareMinerals • Smashbox • Honest Beauty • Affordable Mineral Makeup • Everyday Minerals • Ecco Bella 
  • Be aware that talc is found in many other consumer products such as deodorants, powders, soap, feminine hygiene products, contraception devices, pills and textiles
  • Protect your children by avoiding chalk, children’s balloons, clay and crayons that contain talc 
  • Don’t be fooled by “all natural” product labels as talc is a natural substance. Read the ingredient list and avoid: Talc • Talcum • Talcum powder • Cosmetic talc • Magnesium silicate   

The bottom line is that until stricter FDA regulations are put in place, we must take great care in reading product labels and support companies that formulate their products with our health in mind.

I'm VERY proud to say that Moore Life products are indeed - TALC and ASBESTOS FREE!  Because YOU Deserve Moore Life! 


source: The Mesothelioma Center

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